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Dan had a condition of severe tetracycline staining and enamel hypoplasia (weak enamel).

As a prominent business man, he was sometimes embarassed to smile during his meetings. The only option possible for him was the placement of 10 porcelain veneers to not only change his appearance, but to also strengthen his teeth.

He wanted to have a wider smile in the process, so we increased the size of his teeth and "bulked" up the back teeth in order to help stimulate more muscle activity. Precision placement of the anterior and posterior veneers produced the "drama" that he was seeking.

Now Dan smiles fully and has a healthier appearance. We are in the process of placing veneers on his bottom teeth so we can achieve a total mouth reconstruction for him. As can be seen from the after picture, placement of the lower veneers will give Dan a smile with real celebrity style dazzle.

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